Comparison Engine from a Social Enterprise


Social Enterprise

We are working to promote meaningful content on the internet, encourage arts, culture, heritage and education.



Our conceptualization broadens the business model concept to incorporate cross-sector collaborations between Social NGOs and Companies, arguing such partnerships can create and deliver both social and economic value, which can be mutually reinforcing.


Information quality

Internet offers such an enormous range of positive and educational experiences and materials. Yet we witness the expansion of online criminal activity, exposure to sexually explicit materials and hate crimes.


Arts & Culture

Compoid aims to strengthen the cultural environment on the web by supporting its rich artistic community. We are inspired by the conviction that arts and culture promote free expression and foster a deeper understanding of human experience.



Modelling and promoting effective Use of technology for learning. Our approach encourages collaboration and communication among members of the professional learning community and fosters the creation of a digital-age learning culture.